Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Well, that didn't take long. Note the use the collectivist liars are putting Kerodin to. Kinda makes you wonder if that was the entire purpose of his exercise, doesn't it?

"Not everyone feels the same way about Vanderboegh. In fact, one of Vanderboegh’s biggest detractors announced yesterday that he will be in attendance at the Spokane rally. Christian Kerodin, is a self-proclaimed Threeper leader who recently moved to northern Idaho to set up an armed compound in Benewah County."

Meet Bloomberg’s Out-Of-State Operatives In Washington

To summarize, regardless of the state you’re in, when you see the MDA/Everytown people in the media and at events, it is highly likely that they are only in your state temporarily, to impose the wishes of their billionaire master, and they will soon be moving on to a different state after their damage is done.

An interesting glimpse into how logistics can take the whip hand on policy.

US, Allies Reviewing Bomb Stockpiles for ISIS Fight
(With the unrelated observation that if they are going to run out of bombs to fight ISIS, how do the policy makers think they'll have enough in the case of civil war here in this country when their chosen enemies (us) are scattered throughout their logistical tail?)

The Open-Source Spies of World War II

Though the technology to hemorrhage data about yourself has made the job easier, it’s by no means a new practice. For as long as we’ve had open sources, we’ve had open-source spies. And that was especially true during World War II, when the job of open-source intelligence analysis fell principally to the men and women of the Research and Analysis branch of the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency. OSS chief William “Wild Bill” Donovan believed in collecting secret intelligence by covert means. But he also saw value in hoovering up as much information from open sources as possible, and charged the R&A branch with analyzing it.

Forget whatever you think about the Netanyahu speech and pay attention to this eternal truth that Dennis Prager enunciates in this story: "Those who do not confront evil resent those who do."

Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu
For those who doubt the truth of this rule of life, there are plenty of other examples. Take the Cold War. Those who lived through it well recall that those who refused to confront communism vilified those who did. Indeed, they vilified anyone who merely labeled communism evil. When President Ronald Reagan declared the Soviet Union an "evil empire," he was excoriated by those who refused to do so. Yet, if the words "evil" and "empire" have any meaning, they perfectly applied to the Soviet Union.
But to those who opposed Reagan, these words could not be applied to the Soviet Union. New York Times columnists lambasted the president for using such language. The newspaper's most prestigious columnist at the time, James Reston, condemned Reagan for his "violent criticism of Russians as an evil society."

Sometimes a mere headline is good for a belly laugh. A sad -- but hysterically funny -- cautionary tale.

"Man Smokes Pot With Strangers, Gets Clothes Stolen."

Collectivism is like rust. It never quits.

Lawmakers Taking Another Crack at Expanding Gun Checks

Excusing the amnesty sellout.

Boehner: Executive Amnesty ‘Will Continue To Be Litigated In The Courts’

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Democrat Leader Allegedly Tried To Hire Hitman To Kill Girls He Molested

Robin Gardner, Michael’s wife, used to be the Democratic mayor of Falls Church. A county prosecutor said that Gardner will not face new charges in trying to have the little girls assassinated, but the evidence will be brought up in the retrial.

Well, looks like I'll get to meet that convicted extortionist Kerodin after all.

Just got the heads up that convicted and unrepentant federal extortionist Christian Hyman, aka "Sam Kerodin," intends to come to the Spokane rally on Friday.
I guess Spokane's just a hop, skip and a jump from that mighty fortress pie-in-the-sky, the "Citadel." (See also How Kerodin Answers Questions…)
Given that he has threatened in the past to use his vaunted martial arts skills to assault me, I guess he'll have the chance. One thing's for sure, the federal felon WON'T be carrying a firearm without federal permission, now will he? Funny thing, that. We don't hear from Kerodin when the Washington state activists are engaged in potentially deadly showdowns with state authorities, but let the feral feds jump in and Kerodin's ready to come to town. Hey, maybe he'll be driving that Magic Bus he's been raising money for. I'd like to see that. ;-)

I'm getting the feeling that some federal judges around the country are getting sick and tired of the ATF's dilatory BS.

Mance v. Holder - Government Requested Stay Denied

Obama administration ammo ban proposal being sold under false pretenses

In the final analysis, to be free, we the people must have the means to present a credible threat to those who would presume to rule us--and to the enforcers of that rule--should they dare to slip the bonds of the Constitutional limits on their power. Ammunition that can penetrate government myrmidons' armor, usable in a firearm that can be easily concealed, is a part of that threat--and that's why the Obama regime wants it banned.

The Bow Tie lashes back -- at the wrong guy. David Codrea's "Regrettable Announcement." He's no longer with JPFO thanks to Gottlieb's control freakism.

"Alan confirmed that was the reason for the piece being banned."
My Bama Carry piece is a chronicle of a legitimate event with valid information for the people who read my stuff -- and who turn to KABA for reliable information as well. It is not a "Gottlieb is a so-and-so" attack piece. Besides, KABA is not supposed to be a personal site. It is a site that purports to bring newsworthy and noteworthy information to gun owners. That information is being suppressed due to a personal directive turns it into a personal site for the top guy, and if the Vanderboegh blackout is in force at that SAF holding, it is in force at all SAF holdings. It also renders other topics and ideas vulnerable to directive-based censorship.
It's clear those are his sites and his rules. And he would rather maintain that control than to have my continued participation and support. That is all within his rights.
Writing under such imposed censorship is not acceptable to me, nor is it consistent with my stated conditions for affiliating with the new JPFO. That is within my rights.
Thus we see the measure of Gottlieb's ego. This will severely impact David's income stream to the tune of several hundred dollars per month. If you wish to support him in his principled stand, then please send out links on your email lists and frequently visited sites to his Examiner column. He gets paid by the link at Examiner (pitiful recompense that it is) and it won't make up the difference, but it would be something. It is a damned shame that a guy like David, who has broken so many original stories, cannot get picked up by some other outlet.

Mike McNulty's newspaper obituary.

He was a determined battler for the truth. I cannot yet write of my own association and friendship with Mike. Maybe later.

So, what do these say about Hillary's role in Fast and Furious?

Hillary Clinton used private email account for State Department business.

Gun Owners of America to score amnesty votes in politician gun ratings

News that can help shape the political landscape of the gun rights advocacy community was broken last night on the nationally-syndicated Armed American Radio program, when Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, announced GOA will begin scoring politicians on their support or opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens.

Herschel Smith's take on Bob Owens' take on the Houston Police Officer Open Carry Stop.

The officer was a jackass, but worse than that, he was wrong as to the details and application of the law, like many LEOs today are. Before the bed-wetters blow their bladders, they need to study the law a little bit. And Bob Owens needs to educate his readers rather than allowing the pooling of ignorance in comments over his web site. That is unseemly and undignified.

Big talk for men with congenitally disarticulated spines.

McCarthy and Goodlatte Statement on ATF Proposal to Limit Second Amendment Rights

Monday, March 2, 2015

Good news and bad.

The fast-growing stromal tumor from three years ago has not reappeared. That's the good news. The bad news is that a couple of little spots on my liver which were identified earlier as cysts have grown into nodules. Slow-growing, but growing nonetheless. Cysts do not grow. So, now it seems I have what is probably liver tumors. Back I go on anti-cancer medicine. This makes no difference to my participation in the struggle however. The way I'm going, dying of liver cancer seems to me to be the least probable cause of my demise. Those anonymous well-wishers of you who have stated your desire for my death "rotting from the inside out" are highly unlikely to get your wish. Sorry.

I guess he's just what they consider "acceptable losses." Border Agent Brian Terry statue unveiling ignored by Obama and Holder

The unveiling of a new statue built to memorialize the murdered U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on Saturday at the Homeland Security Department's Brian Terry Border Patrol Station in Bisbee, Arizona, received minimal news coverage by the nation's media except for the Fox News Channel, a news agency maligned and denigrated by President Barack Obama and his administration. In fact, no official from the Obama government attended the event and the sycophants in the legacy media made certain not to cover the story.