Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oh, fer cryin' out loud. What were THESE morons up to?

2 Men Open Fire On Soldiers At Jade Helm Training Site In Mississippi

The Council on Foreign Relations complains about generals complaining and not being with the Obama program.

When elites quarrel.

The elite hedges their bets while Hillary looks increasingly like a political dead woman walking -- probably thanks to the White House. Will we hear more about Fast and Furious as the conspirators stick knives in each other?

We learn that the elites are hedging their bets on Hillary by also bankrolling Jeb Bush: Hillary Clinton’s Mega-Donors Are Also Funding Jeb Bush
And it looks like they're got good reason to: "Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin emerges as potential liability in 2016 bid."
Even the Fibbies have been turned loose on her: "FBI looking into the security of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail setup."
This doesn't happen without the permission, if not the connivance, of the Obama White House. And I'll tell you something else that I hear from a source in the District of Criminals: THE CLINTON'S WILL NOT GO QUIETLY AND IF IT LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE GOING TO BE DENIED AGAIN THEY WILL TAKE OBAMA DOWN WITH THEM. There is a possibility that we could begin to hear some interesting facts about what happened with Fast and Furious, since that originated in the White House and the National Security Council and NOT the State Department.
Buy some popcorn. This could get interesting. The pack dogs are turning on one another.

Abdul makes a trade: American access to Turkish air bases for U.S. silence while they get to beat up on the Kurds.

"Erdogan's Cynical Game: Is Turkey Creeping Toward Civil War?"

"Not linked," huh? Right. Of course. Just the fact that it was done in the ATF's favorite gun store for pushing guns across the border makes it "linked."

Garland attacker was not linked to Fast and Furious sting, ATF announces

“Are you some kind of a constitutionalist crazy guy, or something like that?”

Rohnert Park Officer Pulls Gun On Man Recording Him On Cellphone

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"Retaliation! If the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we MUST rise up and kill those who kill us; stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling...."

Farrakhan on the religion of peace and the killing of cops.

David Codrea asks: "If they're not answered 'officially,' why do you suppose that is?"

From Mass Murder with Firearms: Incidents and Victims, 1999-2013 by the Congressional Research Service -- [Q]uestions are often raised by the media, gun control advocates, and gun rights defenders, but seldom answered definitively and officially. Among those questions ... Did the shootings occur in designated “gun free zones”?
Entire CRS report here.

The smell of this just keeps getting more foul. Anyone with some inside knowledge of this new Waco cover-up is encouraged to contact Sipsey Street.

Media Challenges Waco Twin Peaks Gag Order As Questions About DA and Judge Emerge

The Dallas Morning Snooze, whose dilatory news coverage of Fast and Furious was so poor at the time, and whose editorial position is unfailingly anti-firearm rights, finally notices.

"Was a gun lost in a failed government sting used in Garland shooting?"

Who will rub our noses in our own depravity and complicity?

"'We didn't know.' This was what the German civilian population would say over and over again about the concentration camps in the coming months. The American army was determined that the ordinary German people should see the depths of depravity to which their Nazis leaders had sunk."
German civilians from Weimar forced to tour Buchenwald Camp, 1945.
By the end of the war, in addition to the tens of millions of battle deaths of combatants, the Nazis murdered something like 11 million civilians, mostly Jews, and Russian POWs in their concentration and extermination camps. As we discovered these in April, 1945 (and my Uncle Bill was one of the soldiers who did so), we rounded up German civilians from nearby towns and forced them to look at and, sometimes, to help clean up the bodies in the camps. We wanted to rub their noses in the indisputable fact of their complicity in genocide. It took us two days, for example, to parade the entire adult population of nearby Weimar through the Buchenwald camp.
That was then. This is now.
Baby parts in a tray, for sale.
One by one since Roe v. Wade it is conservatively estimated that we have allowed the murder of 55 million innocents -- five times the Nazi body count for the Holocaust. Planned Parenthood, more properly referred to as Planned Butcherhood nowadays, was founded by racist eugenicists like Margaret Sanger, who provided part of the intellectual justification for Hitler's "Final Solution." Who, I wonder will rub our noses in our own depravity and complicity? Like the Germans, we want desperately to look away, to continue living in an artificial construct of plausible deniability of our own complicity. We don't live downwind from stinking open air camps. Our holocaust is clean, antiseptic and done in private (albeit with the support of our tax dollars) so that we never are forced to face the ghastly reality. So who, in the fullness of time, will rub our noses in it? God, I reckon, and it won't go as easy for us as the Germans had it. An article at The Federalist is headlined: "Pro-Lifers Are Today’s Abolitionists."
Perhaps. But I wonder how, when I finally face God, will I be able to justify how little I really did to stop this holocaust of the most innocent?

What the analysts who serve the elites are thinking these days.

Population-Centric Military Strategy
Ongoing conflicts across the globe are creating catastrophic social, economic and political consequences that are not often realized and underpin a growing cycle of insecurity. A 2014 United Nations (UN) report puts the number of people displaced by war, conflict or persecution at a record high of nearly 60 million around the world. Additionally, the 2015 Global Peace Index estimates that in 2014 global conflicts killed 180,000 people and cost $14.3 trillion dollars, which is equivalent to 13.4% of the world’s GDP. And global security trends continue to worsen. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of local and regional conflicts in the past five years. Fifteen conflicts have erupted or reignited, including eight in Africa and three in the Middle East. If not addressed, the number of conflicts will continue to escalate and cause greater demands for resources, which is not sustainable. “The World is a Mess” and “It’s no longer possible to clean up the mess. We have no capacities to pick up the pieces.” — UN refugee agency head Antonio Guterres.

Hardly surprising.

Sen. Graham moved up in Air Force Reserve ranks despite light duties

8 Big Changes That Have Improved Load-Bearing Combat Gear

The gear market has produced rapid innovation in a remarkably short period of time that has transformed the way infantrymen, special operations, and anyone else who carries firearms for a living carries their equipment. The future remains unclear, with powered exoskeletons and improved armor being some surmised improvements. What is certain is that for every new piece of equipment or technology, troops will need a way to carry it.

Anybody know these guys? Be interesting who proposed making explosives, the accused or a federal snitch?

Feds charge 3 men accused of prepping for martial law

The Latinization Of U.S. Cities

Gosh. I sure am glad that this doesn’t effect SNAP payments, taxes, medical care, social security, emergency room protocol, or especially gun rights. The government is in charge, so I’m sure everything will be okay.

William J. Lewinski Trains Police To Shoot First And Let Him Handle The Fallout

When police officers shoot people under questionable circumstances, Dr. Lewinski is often there to defend their actions. Among the most influential voices on the subject, he has testified in or consulted in nearly 200 cases over the last decade or so and has helped justify countless shootings around the country.

Fast and Furious Gun in Garland Latest in Long, Unending Line of Government-Enabled Crimes

Holder is now out of office and free from Republican attention, and the contempt case against him is proceeding at a glacial pace that will no doubt continue past the time when Obama is no longer a politically profitable target. None of the functionaries responsible have been pursued with real consequences, and information is still being withheld that will probably only be uncovered by historians. And true to form, the stonewalling is continuing the Garland case, with the government being coy about serial numbers and what the deal was lifting a seven-day hold they’d placed on one of the shooters. Meanwhile, people will continue being killed with guns the “gun controllers” knowingly let loose into the criminal underworld, and we’ll only make the connection once in a great while, as most of the time, no weapons will be recovered next to the bodies.

Monday, August 3, 2015

And Lenin is reputed to have said "The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

Bloomberg-Affiliated Propagandists Asking Oregon Gun Shops For Help With Anti-Gun PSA

I'm REALLY starting to like this guy.

Time For Conservatives To Get Medieval On The Liberal Establishment
It's time to get serious. It's time to get ruthless. We either win or we are going to be enslaved to the metastasizing progressive monster forever. Instead of worrying that our enemies think we’re being mean, it’s time to let them know that we are mean.